Privacy Specifications Regarding the GEOCHEMISTRY Application

This application gathers personal data about the users.

Data Control and Owner

Gathered Data Types

There are cookies, geographical location and data usage within the personal data that has been gathered via this application or 3rd parties. Other gathered personal data will be mentioned in other sections of these policy specifications or will be explained in another document in detail. Personal data can be provided by the users or can be procured automatically during the usage of the application. Any cookie usage which belongs to this application or to the 3rd party services that are used by this application serves a purpose of identifying the users or reminding the user preferences. Loss of some personal information would hinder this application and the service from functioning properly. The responsibility of possibility of personal data usage, publishing or data share by 3rd parties via this application belongs to the users.

Data Processing Mode and Location

Methods of Data Processing

Data Controller works to protect the data from unauthorized data Access, from being altered or deleted by processing user data with a proper method.

Data processors are carried out with the help of organizational procedure regarding the before mentioned purposes and computers and/or IT supported devices by abiding by the methods.

In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, officials (management, sale, marketing, law, system managers) in field operation or some other authorized user in different profiles as other party service providers (technical service providers, mail servers, hosting providers, IT companies, media – communication) can have access to data. In necessary cases, Data Processors can be provided for data owners too. Current list of the people that have access to data can be demanded from the data controller.


Data is being processed in the Data Controller’s Office and the centres of the 3rd parties which are involved in the process. Please get in contact with the Data Controller for further information.

Secrecy Period

Data would be kept for the duration in accordance with the requested services by the users or for the mentioned purposes in this document.

User always has the right to request from the Data Controller to suspend or delete the data.

Usage of the Gathered Data

Besides the purpose of providing data to the services of this application, data is gathered for the purposes just as access to the accounts of 3rd party services, location based interaction, content comments, interaction with other social network platforms.

Personal Data will be used for the before mentioned purposes in the specific sections of this document.

Facebook permissions requested by this application:

This application may request you to allow for Facebook permissions in order to carry out some transactions via the user’s Facebook account and to get access to some information including personal information.

For further information you can examine into the privacy policy of Facebook. Requested permissions are given below:

General Information

It gives access to some of the general information as identity, name, photograph, gender and nationalities of the users. Some of the contact information such as friends of the users can be accessed. As the users share out their data, the more information will be determined.

Location Declaration

Gives access to location declaration data of the authorized users.


Gives access to the main e-mail address of the users.


Gives access to the list of the pages which have been liked by the users.


Provides access to the photographs that are uploaded by the users and the photographs they are tagged in.

Publishing the Application

Enables the application to be published in Open Graphic by using Built-in techniques, potentials, scores and special techniques. Application can also publish other activities mentioned in Facebook Publication Rights document in detail.

Further Information on Personal Data Usage

Personal information is gathered by using the mentioned services for the reasons mentioned below:

Access to 3rd party service accounts

These services will allow 3rd party services to get access to the data in your account and carry out transaction with these data by allowing their access to the application from outside.

These services have not been activated automatically, but an articulate authorisation of the user is needed.

Access to Facebook Accounts (This Application)

This service allows this application to trace location notifications, E-mail, Likes, Photographs and publishing activities by connecting the users’ Facebook social network accounts in pursuant to the Legal Permissions of Facebook Company. Transaction Place: USA – Privacy Policy.

Content Application

Content interpretation services enable the user to share their own comment upon the application content. In accordance with the settings chosen by the user users can comment anonymously. If any e-mail address has been specified by the user within personal data, automatic notifications can be sent for the comments upon the same content. If the content interpretation services which are provided by the 3rd parties are uploaded, web traffic data would continue to be gathered for the pages in which the interpretation service is uploaded even if the user does not use the content interpretation services.

Facebook Comments (Facebook)

Facebook Comments is a comment interpretation service provided by Facebook Company and is a service which allows user to comment and share these comments via Facebook. There are Cookie and usage data within personally gathered data.

Transaction Place: USA – Privacy Policy.

Interaction with other social network and platforms

With these services you can access to other platforms or directly social networks via application pages. Interaction with other social platforms and access to the information via this application will be carried out depending on user privacy settings which are effective for all social networks. If the services that provide communication with other social networks are uploaded, users would be gathering traffic data for pages in which the service is uploaded even when they are not using the application.

Facebook Like Botton and Social Components  

Facebook like botton and social components are the services provided by Facebook Company, these services provide interaction with Facebook social networks.

Gathered Personal Data: Cookie and Usage Data. Transaction Place: USA – Privacy Policy.

Location Based Interaction

Location Notification (Upon this Application)

This application may access, keep, use and share when it is necessary to the location information of the user in order to provide location based services. Most of the browser and devices use this qualification automatically. User location can be traced by this application if there is a specific authorisation. Gathered Personal Data: Geographical location.

Further Information about Data Gathering and Processing

Legal Rights

Data Controller can use the users’ personal information in accordance with legal purposes in court or in a judicial process caused by any illegitimate usage of this application or related services.

User is aware of the fact that the Data Controller has the right to share personal data with public authorities.

Further Information about the Personal User Data

In addition to the information partaking in this confidentiality agreement, provide additional and contextual information for specific services or collections, or information about the processing of personal data if desired.

System Logs and Maintenance

This application and 3rd party service providers can use the files that keep trace records edited upon this application and other personal data (as IP address) for the purpose of operation and maintenance.

Information That Does Not Partake In this Agreement

Further information regarding the personal data gathering and processing can be requested from the Data Controller.

Please check on the contact information partaking at the end of this document.

User Rights

The users have the right to learn whenever they request to if their personal information is kept and if their main information is accessed by the Data Controller for the purpose of controlling the accuracy of information. Also the Data Controller has the right to delete, upload, correct, cancel and change of format for these information and to block any illegal information for the legal reasons or to protect the individual rights.

These types of request should be reported to the Data Controller whose contact information is given above. 

This application does not support the “not scan” option.

To learn whether 3rd party service providers support the option of uninstalling the scanning feature or not, it is recommended for you to read their own confidentiality agreement.

Amendment Made in This Confidentiality Agreement

Data Controller has the right to make amendments on the confidentiality agreement after giving notification to the users upon this page. For this reason, frequent control of this page is recommended. Amendments can be required by taking the update date partaking at the end of this agreement as a reference. In cases of objection by a user, he/she can quit using the application and require the Data Controller to delete all user data. The current agreement will remain valid for all user data that is kept by the Data Controller unless otherwise specified.

Definitions and Legal References

Personal Data (or Data)

Any information belonging to an autonomous or legal person, an institution or association, including personal identification number, may be accessed directly or indirectly with reference to other information.

Usage Data

Automatic information gathered by this application or 3rd parties is as follows:

IP address or domains belonging to the computer broadcasting to the user of this application, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), access duration, browser access method, file size that is sent as an answer, numeric code (successful, erroneous etc.) notifying the server’s answer, country, specifications of the user’s  browser and operating system, variable usage durations (time wasted separately in application pages), course/steps of application usage, frequency of occurrence of the pages, other parameters belonging to device operating system, other technique information belonging to user environment.


Individual who uses the application.

Data Matter

Legal or autonomous individual whom the Personal Data gives reference to.

Data Processor (or Data Authority)

Any autonomous or legal individual, public organisation or individual, association or organisation authorised by the Data Controller will have the right to process personal data with this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or the Owner)

Right holder autonomous or legal individual with public organisation or individual, association or organisation Data Controller can decide the usage purposes and methods of personal data in accordance with the security measures.

Data controller is the owner of this application unless otherwise specified.


Hardware and software tools in which the users’ personal data is gathered.


The smallest data unit which is kept in the user devices

Legal Explanation

Notice for the users in Turkey: This confidentiality agreement is only related to this application.

Latest Update: 15th of April, 2020

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