Turkish geologists, who study on geochemistry, mineral springs, mineralogy and petrography related topics, have hold the I. International Geochemistry Symposium in 2004 by forgathering under the leadership of the prominent researchers in the field of geochemistry as Prof. Dr. Yilmaz SAVASCIN, Prof. Dr. Selcuk TOKEL, Prof. Dr. Kadir SARIIZ and the director of TUBITAK BUTAL Prof. Dr. Seref GUCER.  Geochemistry Symposiums that draw a greater number of participants every time, was carried out in 2004, 2006 and 2008 at TUBITAK BRUTAL Bursa Facilities, in 2010 at Fırat University, in 2010 at Pamukkale University, in 2014 Mersin University at Mersin University and lastly was carried out in 2016 in Side (Antalya) and was hosted by Ankara University. The symposium which has started to be carried out with International Participation since 2012, was carried out in 2018 and hosted by Karadeniz Technical University recently and the symposium is going to be carried out in 2022 and hosted by Istanbul Technical University.