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Dear respected participants of 9th Geochemistry Symposium;

As we announced before, selected presentations will be invited to submit “full text” to be published as a peer-review article in a special issue of Geochemistry (formerly Chemie der Erde – Geochemistry) (https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/geochemistry/vol/81/issue/4).

Special issue will be published as one of the four regular issues in 2024.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Manuscript submission will end on April 30, 2023  (6 months after the conference)
  • Final revised paper submission will end on September 30,  2023 (5 months  after the submission)
  • Completion of the editorial process by December 31, 2023

The special issue will be the first issue in 2024 (date of publication is  February 2024)

SI keywords:

Tethyan Belt, fluid inclusions, radiogenic isotope analysis, stable isotope analysis, geochemical processes, trace elements, geochemical signatures of ore deposits

Topics of the SI:

Evolution of Tethyan Belt as a geologic environment by using geochemistry, fluid inclusions, radiogenic and stable isotopes, petrology and determination of potential exploration targets covering the following aspects amongst others:

  • Fluid Inclusion Studies to understand hydrothermal circulations and conditions of fluids
  • Stable isotopes to understand fluid sources and environments,
  • Alteration chemistry to characterize basement rock interactions with regolith, upper saprolite (oxidized bedrock), lower saprolite (chemically reduced partially weathered rocks), saprock (fractured bedrock with weathering restricted to fracture margins),
  • ICP-MS analyses to determine trace and rare earth element constituents and utilization for geologic evolution models with the additional data,
  • Radiogenic isotope analysis to model geological evolution, to solve age relations between host and wall rocks and tectonic regime affecting the solutions,
  • I, S, M, A-type plutons occasioned geodynamic process characteristics of Tethyan Belt

Guest editors:

The main guest editor of the SI is Prof. Dr. Emin Çiftçi (Istanbul Technical University) Associate editor Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kagan Kadıoglu (Ankara University)

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